Terratiles, House of terracotta.


Terratiles, House of terracotta!

For your beautiful houses and Buildings to look Elegant,  to make the staying more comfortable Go for Terracotta

One of the leading suppliers of high quality terracotta tiles and other clay products in India and Abroad. Vast experience in manufacturing and Marketing clay products, helps the management to distinguish the best quality clay tiles for their clients.

TERRATILES provides the latest designs for the roofing,flooring,and walls cladding. Also unique designs in murals and artworks . The excellent client relation we maintain and the best possible services we offer, and guaranteed quality.


What is Terracotta?
Terracotta Provides :
Extra elegance to the
elevation of your

Controls the heat
inside the building
[reduces up to 20% ]

Natural color, which
eye appealing, remains
for ever. Also you can
apply any color of 
your choice,

Protection from the
seepage of water .

Reduces the maintenance
cost of painting etc.

Healthy atmosphere,
if used on the floor
[The natural properties
of clay enhances the
resistance power of the
body] Since no chemicals
used, the ill effects
of such chemicals
can be avoided.



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